Saturday, August 17, 2019

Bond Levy Rate

Did you know??.......the bond levy rate will not change with the pass or fail of the bond.   The current levy rate is $3.97 per $1,000.00.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Voting Information

Currently voters can already request an absentee ballot for the August 27th bond election from the county clerk.  Time line is the following:

July 29th :  County Clerk begins mailing absentee ballots for the August 27th election
August 12th :Early voting begins at County Clerk Office (Old Hospital)
August 16th: :Last day for County Clerk to receive application for absentee ballot
August 23rd :Last day for early voting (5:00 p.m.) at County Clerk Office (Old Hospital)

To contact county clerk (e-mail) -
To contact county clerk (phone ) 208-736-4004

Voters can mail, fax, or e-mail their completed absentee ballot forms. 

To Mail:

 Send to the address below:

TFC Elections
P.O. Box 126
Twin Falls, Idaho 83303

To Fax:
 Voters can fax in their completed request for ballot to 208-736-4182

To Email:
Voters can e-mail (attach completed form) to

For electronic voting where electronic fillable forms for voter registration and request of absentee ballots can be found:

Voter Registration and Absentee Voting page with links

Voter Registration Link

Absentee Ballot Link

Friday, June 14, 2019

Recommendations for the August 27th Bond Election

PHASE 1 - projected 2020

Filer High School CTE Expansion and Renovation $5.2 Million

  • Increase Safety
  • Complete Pathways for certification and future training opportunities
  • Increase STEM based projects and labs such as Design Class
  • Allow space for Industry standard new equipment (plasm table)
  • Ability to Team Projects with science and math classes (wet lab etc.)
  • Future phase projects: Health Occupation Lab, Various Science labs, Family Consumer Science, etc.

Filer Intermediate School Classroom expansion (4 rooms) $1.5 Million

  • No current rooms available at Filer Intermediate
  • Plan to convert to K-5 in foreseeable future (36 regular classrooms)

Filer & Holister Elementary School Site Improvement (parking lot) $550 Thousand

  • Safety, Safety, Safety
  • Although plan to convert FIS to K-5, Filer Elementary probably will be an active elementary for another 15-20 years

Filer Middle School Auditorium Improvements $400 Thousand

  • During WWII very nice auditorium however current seats no longer meet desired comfort
  • Every year there are fewer available seats because parts are not available

Future Site Acquisition For future middle school $800 Thousand

  • Future Land Acquisition 

TOTAL REQUESTED: $8.55 Million

Who are we?

Filer School District Long Range Planning Committee

The Long Range Planning Committee is a Filer School District Committee responsible for long-range plans for the future development, structure, and projects of Filer School district.


The mission of the Long Range Planning Committee is to develop and manage the long range planning of Filer School District by continuously studying the goals, objectives, roles and activities. The Committee must continue developing long-range plans for the future development, the structure and the projects of Filer School District to achieve them.


The goals of the Long Range Planning Committee include the following:
·         Developing a concise long range plan (five to twenty years) for the district, based on the input from district administration and staff, patrons in the district, statistics and professional analysts.
·         Explore and make recommendations as appropriate.
·         Populate and maintain the committee website and other media.