Land Acqusition

Acquiring land for future school sites

              In 2014 the Twin Falls County Filer School District Board made a decision to research the availability of real property within the Filer School district and more particularly between 2200 E and 2300 E  and 3900 N to 4000 N. Ten properties were identified with six of those having responded as not interested in selling. Two received a no response to inquiries made, with one having been eliminated based upon location. Negotiations were made on the one remaining parcel of interest and a purchase completed satisfying the terms of a previous bond for acquiring land.  This parcel is located on the south side of Highway 30 on the east side of 2300 E. 

In 2018 a steering committee was organized to determine the current and future needs of the District. Concerns were raised over the land south of highway 30 as to the safety of that location in reference to Highway 30 and the intersection of Highway 30 and 2300 E.  It was then recommended that the district research additional parcels for availability on the North side of Highway 30 . That research was completed and presented to the District school board. Negotiations were entered into on a 52.17 acre parcel on Wildcat Way and made subject to the approval of a school bond and upon final approval by the Filer school Board.

The property was appraised by McKinlay Appraisal in 2019 as per State of Idaho guidelines. Based upon the strength of that appraisal the district made a decision to proceed subject again to the passing of the current school bond and final school board approval.
Points to consider:
1.      Last remaining parcel of real estate in close proximity to the existing High School. The time to buy real property is when that land is available and when the value of that land is in line with the needs of the District.
2.      Parcel is sufficient in size to meet the needs of a growing community for well into the future. Middle School and future Elementary School needs well into the future.
3.      Safety concerns are met with the parcel being on the North side of highway 30 with a buffer provided between the subject property and the train tracks. Buffer provided on the south side of the subject property to the waste water ditch.
4.      Close proximity to the High School for Middle School use of the proposed career technical facilities.
5.      The ability of the District to sell the 30 acre parcel on the South side of Highway 30 to further reduce the bond.
6.      The 52.17 acres will continue to be leased for farming purposes to the benefit of the district until such time that the addition of a new school facility is needed.
7.      As the community grows the district will be able to meet the needs of that growing community by having school facilities on both the east and west sides of Filer.

The School Board made the decision when the bond passes they will look to sell the property on Highway 30 and 2300 E. contingent on new property being secured.

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